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    Coke Studio S: 2 – Statistics & Analysis


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    Coke Studio S: 2 – Statistics & Analysis

    Post  sl33p!nr0ckz on Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:02 am

    SOURCE: Coke Studio Season 2 – Statistics & Analysis

    So, the coke studio season 2 finally comes to an end. We all are going to miss the studio where the fusion happened and will desperately wait for the the third season to come (May Allah give long life to Rohail Hyatt). During the airing of the second season, we actively collected statistics and ran voting polls (10 days per poll) for each episode, so, we may figure out and also share with you the likenesses and dis likeness of the crowd about the the season.

    The statistics and analysis are our own and must not be used anywhere else without prior permission. They do not represent the original statistics of the Coke Studio by the

    Episode One “Individuality”:

    Atif Aslam – Jal Pari – (244 Votes & 6,115 Downloads)
    Noori & Saieen Zahoor – Aik Alif – (137 Votes & 3,782 Downloads)
    Zeb & Haniya – Paimona – (68 Votes & 2,914 Downloads)
    Javed Bashir – Aj Latha Naeeo – (66 Votes & 1970 Downloads)
    Shafqat Amanat Ali – Khamaaj – (48 Votes & 2,667 Downloads)

    Atif being the most commercial singer, got most downloads and votes. Noori, Zeb & Haniya being the best performers stayed in the middle with respect to both votes and downloads. Extremely great performances by both the artists. Noori presented another side of Noori with Saieen Zahoor which we yet had to explore and Zeb & Haniya beautified Paimona even more with the help of other wonderful musicians. Javed Bashir did remarkably good but the performance being completely classical couldn’t get attention of everyone even though it was appreciated. Shafqat Amanat Ali couldn’t impress anyone much with his performance.

    Episode Two “Harmony”:

    Atif & Riaz Ali Khan – Kinara (106 Votes & 1,735 Downloads)
    Ali Zafar & Baqir Abbas – Dastaan-e-Ishq (77 Votes & 981 Downloads)
    Saieen Zahoor – Toomba (42 Votes & 1,016 Downloads)
    Shafqat Amanat Ali – Aankhon Kay Sagar (37 Votes & 882 Downloads)
    Josh – Jaanay Do (15 Votes & 930 Downloads)

    Atif again stayed at the top with fan following from all over the Pakistan, India, Arab Emirates, USA etc. Ali Zafar and Saieen Zahoor stayed in the middle with best performances. The reason why I loved Coke Studio more than ever is that the artists explored their powers to perform. Ali Zafar keeping pop aside presented us his soulful voice deep enough to drown. Shafqat Amanat Ali was again a disappointment and did Josh even deserve a spot?

    Episode Three “Equality”:

    Atif Aslam – Wasta-e-Pyaar Da – (156 Votes, 1,743 Downloads)
    Ali Zafar – Yaar Daddi – (118 Votes, 1,566 Downloads)
    Noori feat Rakae Jamil – Jo Meray – (67 Votes, 995 Downloads)
    Zeb & Haniya & Javed Bashir – Chal Diye – (59 Votes, 1,107 Downloads)
    Josh – Bari Barsi – (26 Votes, 857 Downloads)

    Atif again topped the charts. Wasta-e-Pyar Da is one of the best compositions of Atif even though his billy jeans wasn’t appreciated much but with the huge fan following he still managed to get most votes. Ali Zafar and Noori stayed in the middle being the best performances. Zeb and Haniya did an above average performances and Javed Bashir made it out of the box. Josh?

    Episode Four “Spirit”:

    Atif Aslam – Mai Ne Main – (185 Votes, 1,153 Downloads)
    Noori – Saari Raat Jaga – (139 Votes, 1,024 Downloads)
    Shafqat Amanat Ali and JoSh – Mahi Ve – (61 Votes, 1,021 Downloads)
    Zeb & Haniya – Chup – (42 Votes, 519 Downloads
    Riaz Ali Khan – Bulleya – (14 Votes, 485 Downloads)

    The most average performance of the season by Atif, still most voted. An extremely powerful and energetic performance by Noori. Shafqat Amanat Ali & Josh came up with a comparatively better performance and ranked 3rd, even though I believe Zeb & Haniya deserved this spot. The reason why Zeb & Haniya couldn’t get much votes in this episode is that the song sounded much like the album version. Extremely dull performance by Riaz Ali Khan. We have heard Junoon and Rabi Shergill performing this track and Riaz Ali Khan wasn’t even close to that.

    Episode Five “Unity”:
    Atif Aslam – Humain Kya Hua – (166 Votes, 769 Downloads)
    Noori – Kedaar – (109 Votes, 678 Downloads)
    Ali Zafar – Naheen Ray Naheen – (103 Votes, 658 Downloads)
    Arieb Azhar – Husn-e-Haqiqi – (54 Votes, 579 Downloads)
    Strings – Titliyan (53 Votes, 610 Downloads)
    Shafqat Amanat Ali – Kuch Ajab Khel – (49 Votes, 550 Downloads)
    Zeb & Haniya – Rona Chor Diya (40 Votes, 500 Downloads)


    Atif again got most votes. I believe this is the reason why he is the only artist he got to perform in all 5 episodes. Noori & Ali Zafar again being the best performers stayed 2nd and 3rd. I don’t know why the mixing of Naheen Ray Naheen didn’t sound right. The music was too loud and the vocals were kept low. Arieb Azhar deserved to get votes and he did. He got more votes than other mainstream artists. I believe even though he is not a mainstream artist, he deserved at least two episodes. Strings and Shafqat Amanat Ali didn’t offer anything unusual. Zeb & Haniya are great performers but got least votes. The reason is again they didn’t offer anything unusual like in Paimona

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    Re: Coke Studio S: 2 – Statistics & Analysis

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    Re: Coke Studio S: 2 – Statistics & Analysis

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